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Earthquake Arabians Show Team

Go Inside the Competition

Show Team News: News & Updates

Why Horse Showing?

Do you have the kid that hasn't found "their sport"? Horseback riding is a way to connect kids with competing in an environment that requires team work between horse and rider. It is physically demanding like any other sport, but also requires rider to get in touch with the animal that becomes their parterre in an unspoken bond.


Earthquake Arabians Trainer Spotlight

Owner and head Trainer Tamara Grinton, has been teaching and training show competitors for the last 20 years. It is her passion to teach students from the ground up and watch them excel in the show arena. Anyone that has ever dreamed of competing on horse can make that dream a reality at Earthquake Arabians.


What the Competitors Think

Earthquake Arabians takes an individual sport and turns it into a place where you support and encourage your fellow team mates. Every rider will have different goals and expectations and we as a barn are here to help each rider succeed. Earthquake is the perfect place to be a top competitor and to share the love of riding with friends and family.

Show Team News: Pro Gallery
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