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Horse Back Riding

Beware: Horse Back Riding With Earthquake Arabians Can Become Addictive.

Horse back riding is like no other activity really. When attempting to compare it some people think of hiking, others walking a large dog, and still others mention riding a Harley. The truth is it is unlike any of these things enough to qualify but a little like each enough to mention. The sheer power of a horse is amazing. They can carry a load on their back like nothing, and when treated with respect and care achieve great feats and distances seemingly without effort. If you have not been horse back riding, or if you have not been lately call us for a session at Earthquake Arabians.

What is a Therplate Monthly Subscription? Therplate or Theraplate is a form of vibration therapy for horses. All your horse has to do is stand on the safe platform that is made for the therapy and it vibrates in powerful circular motions underneath its feet. This helps increase circulation, facilitate faster healing, and even relax your horse after a day of work. If your horse needs therplate therapy then consider a monthly subscription to save on costs and ensure you can go as much as needed. Otherwise, you can employ the therapy as needed on a per-visit cost basis. Be sure to address any injuries are weariness your horse may have immediately because many times healing is simpler when the issue is caught early. We strive to keep all of our horses as happy and healthy as possible and are proud of each of our thriving Arabian Horses who we view as part of the family.

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