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Horseback Riding Near Me

Are You Searching For A Place to Enjoy Horseback Riding Near Me?

Earthquake Arabians provide lessons, camps, and even horse leasing to ownership programs to those in the area who care about the Arabian Horse breed and who are interested in learning more about and spending time with horses on a regular basis.

What makes Arabian horses so special? Where to begin. The Arabian Horse is surrounded by myth and legend and any person who has worked with one knows that they live up to every tale. Most horses today have some Arabian horse genes in them. A purebred Arabian is solely Arabian and can link back to Bedouin Arabs who used them for travel and even for war. They are not a very large bred, they are known for being fast, and they are known for their endurance. But what really makes the Arabian stand out is their nature. They are smart horses who are known to be intuitive to their person's needs. It is said that these horses were so well behaved that they were kept in the tents with their people at night!

If you have been searching online for a place to enjoy horseback riding near me then contact us at Earthquake Arabians and find out why our horses have a reputation for liveliness and gentleness all at the same time. The personality of an Arabian horse is unmatched in the equestrian world. We look forward to meeting you and watching your love for the horse grow with each progressive lesson. If you are searching for a horseback riding camp for your child we are the areas best because of our dedication and of course the spirit of our Arabian horses that makes learning easy for beginners and riding fun for all.

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