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Horseback Riding Instructors

Earthquake Arabians Has Quality Horseback Riding Instructors For Beginners and Established Riders Alike.

Have you been considering taking up a new hobby? Perhaps one that gets you into the great outdoors and allows you to bond with one of the most majestic animals there are? If so consider contacting us to be connected with the best horseback riding instructors in the area. We can confidently say we are the best because of the pride we take in the treatment of our horses, the proof in our curriculum, and the fact that many of our students return to enjoy lessons season after season with improved skill and enjoyment for the past time. Our instructors all enjoy the process of teaching new people about horseback riding, and enjoy being able to work with Arabian horses each day. Anyone who has spent time with an Arabian horse knows why. Their personalities are spunky, friendly, funny, and even intuitive at times. They range in behavior like humans, but in general Arabian Horses are a great breed to ride and enjoy. A good horse instructor will match you to the horse that has the level of attitude or friendliness that each rider needs.

Horse instructors who can guide students in a calm way with trusted and well-trained horses are an important asset. We take pride in our instructors and horses alike. Horseback riding lessons are a great gift idea for people of many ages and are a great way to get out of the house and spend time outdoors. There are so many intricacies in horseback riding and the correct horse instructors can make riding fun and teach skills that will become second nature quickly. Contact us today to schedule your first horseback riding lesson or to discuss our camp and birthday options.

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