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Regular Lesson vs Camp

So many parents ask me if camp would be beneficial to their child that is already in on going lessons. My answer is always YES. Very rarely does a lesson student get the opportunity to ride everyday and have as much saddle time as camp will provide. The most important part of improving one's skills on horseback is simply time in the saddle. Riding is learned mostly off of feel. Repetition helps solidify the feel of riding a horse to the best of one's ability. In addition to saddle time students get to ride with others, this is a skill that is often missed when taking private lessons, because we only have one to two riders in the ring at a time. The multiple riders at camp simulates what it would be like to navigate riders at a competition, it also makes students focus more on their surroundings. Most importantly camp offers a social setting to get to know other kids with the similar interest of loving horses. Camp can create forever friendships and comradely at the barn. It's amazing to see kids bond over horses and grow from watching each other ride, it's something that only happens through the magic of summer camp.

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