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Stayin Cool in the Arena

As the heat rises we are faced with the question how do you stay cool and keep riding? Luckily at Earthquake we have our beautiful covered arena to keep us out of the sun, but that doesn't stop it from being extremely hot outside. So here are some tips and tricks for keeping yourself or your kids cool during a riding lesson. First, make sure your hair is pulled away from you face and off your neck, hair down can increase the feeling of heat, so keeping it off your neck is helpful. Second, wear breathable clothing, remember that riding is an exercise and you may sweat so wearing breathable clothing will help keep you cool. Make sure you have cold water on hand, I typically make my students stop and drink water in the hot summer months 3 to 4 times during the hour lesson. Listen to your body, if you start to feel over heated ask to take a break, instructors sometimes can't tell everyone's individual signs so be in charge of your own body if you feel tired, dizzy, or suddenly get a head ache ask to stop or take a break. Cooling scarfs can be very helpful at keeping you cool and are safe to wear during lessons. Amazon has a variety of cooling products from cooling vests to cooling scarfs available to purchase. Brining a frozen water bottle can also be helpful for two reasons, the cold water to drink and you can use it as an ice pack to cool the major veins in your wrist. Keeping riders happy and cool during the brutal California summer months is our number one goal. Sometimes after lessons the best way to cool down is bathing your horse both you and horse will benefit from the cold hose water. In our lessons not only do we give our riders breaks, but giving the horses breaks is equally as important ensuring that they have adequate recovery time is crucial. Our lesson horses are given at least an hour break between sessions to give them the chance to properly hydrate. It's only May and were seeing the temperature start to rise, hopefully this article helps everyone stay safe and cool during the upcoming months😎

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